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nov. 16, 2023
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Based on the well-known horror movie series of the same name, Texas Chainsaw Massacre APK is a mobile game for Android. Developed by Sumo Digital, the game was released in 2015. Both Android and iOS smartphones can be used with it.

As Leatherface, the chainsaw-wielding bad guy from the movies, players assume the role of the game character. In order to kill their victims, the player must follow their victims as they try to escape from the Sawyers' family home. The player can kill their enemies with many different tools and traps in the game. Explore many other places as well.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre APK has been reviewed differently by different reviewers. Other people have criticized it for being boring and not trying anything new, while others have loved its mood and gore. On Android alone, the game has been downloaded over a million times.

As a horror game, Texas Chainsaw Massacre APK will appeal to fans of the movie series. While there are some flaws, fans of this type should still take a look at it.

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