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TopHeroes APK v1.0.357 Download for Android 2024

App By:
Green Mushroom
v1.0.357 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 29, 2023
356.2 MB
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TopHeroes is a part- playing game( RPG) for Android and iOS phones that was made byGreen_Mushroom. Fantasy worlds are used in the game, and players choose icons to fight adversaries and educate them new chops. You can use real plutocrat or in- game cash to buy new icons through the game's" gacha" system.


  • Players get icons from different classes and groups and train them.
  • Icons can get tools and gear that will help them do better and raise their stats.
  • There are two kinds of battles PvE( playervs. terrain) and PvP( playervs. person).
  • People in the game can work with each other and the council to complete tasks and win prizes.

Features of TopHeroes APK

  • Collection of characters Players can get different icons that have different chops and capacities, and they can also ameliorate these icons.
  • As the player moves through the story in story mode, they finish tasks and master adversaries along the way.
  • PvP fights People can fight each other in wars that be at the same time or at different times.
  • individualities in a group or alliance can finish jobs with other individualities in the same council or alliance.
  • Changing effects Players can make their icons look different by giving them different tools, chops, and looks.
  • Challenges and events Every time there are new tasks and events, players can get new points and prizes.


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