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The Longing APK 2023

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1.0.7 for Android
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May 18, 2023
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Description The Longing APK

Both The Longing Apk and uninteresting video games are available. A prime example of this is Lust, which was painstakingly created to be a perilous and tragic odyssey.

"WAIT!" is the first word to appear on the screen. With this, we can already get a sense of what to expect from this experience, which has captivated even the experts in the subject.

What is The Longing APK?

Start the game, then 400 days later come back to see what happened. You are not required to play the game. It will be much more lonely in the Shade without you.

Discover the caves and collect resources for your comfortable underground home. There is no need to go swiftly through The Shade; he can take a stroll.

You can read famous literature from Nietzsche to Moby Dick within the game itself, or at the very least, have the shade read it to you. The more focused your mind is, the faster time passes. Shade, the small character in the game, now only finds books in English.

Ignore the king's orders and proceed to the cave's farthest reaches. The trip into the night will be challenging and dangerous.


THE LONGING is a singular, drawn-out experience that overuses time as a game component. The only task given to the player is to wait. However, the participants will need to determine how to play the game for themselves in a number of ways: By retrieving goods from the cave and placing them in your underground residence, you can accelerate time. Or you may attempt to climb the treacherous, dim trail leading out of the cave. The player is required to finish a series of activities, each of which uses time in a different way. You can either wait for a spider to finish spinning its multi-day web or you can plant mushrooms in an area where they will grow quickly.

Whatever strategy the player chooses, THE LONGING ensures a distinctive experience that stands out from the overly complex options of contemporary entertainment. Games can leverage the opportunity to create stories in a way that no other form of art can, however this concept has not yet been completely established. The theme of the game is the longing and loneliness that players go through during the unnecessarily drawn-out interaction.


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