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Onmyoji Arena APK v3.182.0 Download for Android 2024

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NetEase Games
v3.182.0 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 30, 2023
3.3 GB
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That is the Onmyoji Arena APK- Bad gods have come to earth to destroy all expedients and leave only bad effects behind. The goods are about to hit Earth in pieces. We still have a good chance. You guys need to work together and fight! We will not know if affects will work until we try them. The world might be born again in happiness one day.

A good launch to real mindfulness that has grown. There have been six times since the Onmyoji Arena opened! We're adding new events, characters, visual styles, and artistic material to the whole world. Join this MOBA heaven and feel the power of life!

Features of Onmyoji Arena APK

  • Start an Art Feast Beautiful 3D plates, intriguing character designs, and mesmerizing special goods bring the world of Heian to life.
  • Ask for different kinds of shikigami You can choose from a huge number of Shikigami, and each bone has its own chops and styles of play. To win the fight, they need to get good at important dyads and learn their chops.
  • Join forces with others; it's important to work together! Plan your moves with your buddies, work together, and suppose of smart ways to beat your opponents.
  • get the graduation up Change the game types to ameliorate your chops, move up in the species, and show off your chops in competition leagues.
  • Tell Me What You Want You can embellish your character with different skins, emotes, and fight particulars to make the game your own. Make your own style to stand out in a fight.


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