Meb Ajanda APK

Meb Ajanda APK v2.1.7 Download for android 2024

v2.1.7 For Android
Updated On:
Nov 16, 2023
25.6 MB
Required Android:
5.0+ and Up
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Meb Ajanda APK is an Android operation developed by the Turkish Ministry of National Education( MEB). In 2023, it was branded as MEB Ajanda, which is a mobile interpretation of the MEB Anahtar app.

Druggies can pierce MEB Ajanda through

  • Manage the MEB's deals and work
  • Manage the security of stoner accounts in MEBBİS and-Okul
  • Use MEBBİS and-Okul drugs from within the operation
  • Keep over- to- date with MEB- related deals and works
  • Log in to the MEBBİS Single word screen without using a username and word using a DataMatrix.
  • Integration of MEB Ajanda with concoct timetable

Anyone involved in the Turkish education system, including preceptors, directors, and parents, can profit from MEB Ajanda. Also, scholars can use it to assess their MEBBİS and-Okul accounts.

MB docket APK provides druggies with access to MEBB1S and eSchool druggies, provides instructional announcements, and integrates with device timetables.

What the Game is each About

MEB Agenda APK helps druggies organise their work and deals related to the Ministry of National Education and ensures the security of their MEBBİS and-School stoner accounts.

Gameplay Instructions

MEB Agenda APK needs to be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet in order to be played. Enter your username and word and also open the operation.

The main screen of the app looks like this

Your MEBBİS and-School druggies In this section, you can see all your druggies in MEBBİS and-School.

A list of announcements for MEBBS and-School can be set up in this section.

An integrated timetable can be set up in this section.

Game features

Then are some of the main features of MEB Agenda APK

  • Access to MEBBİS druggies ante-School druggies
  • announcements that are instructional
  • timetable integration for bias
  • The advantages of the game

Then are some of the main advantages of MEB Agenda APK

  • By using it, druggies can pierce MEBBİS ande-School druggies.
  • A announcement box allows druggies to get information about MEBBİS and-School.
  • It allows druggies to synchronise their device timetables with MEBBİS and-School stoner accounts.

The game has some disadvantages

  • MEB Agenda APK has the following main disadvantages
  • In order to use the operation, druggies must enter their username and word.
  • Certain druggies are only suitable to pierce certain features of the app.

The rearmost interpretation of the game is available

A new interpretation of MEB Agenda APK is available. There have been some new features added and advancements made to the operation in this interpretation.

assaying the game's results

Using MEB Agenda APK, druggies can organise their work and deals related to the Ministry of National Education. There are numerous benefits to using the app and it's easy to use.

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