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Nov 16, 2023
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Homescapes APK allows you to make your own house while working match- 3 mystifications. In 2017, Playrix released it and vended it. The game is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.

During Homescapes, players assume the part of Austin, a butler returning home after an extended absence. Due to the deteriorating condition of the manse, his parents are planning to vend it. He needs the player's help to restore the house to how it looked when it was new.

The house must be fixed up by working match- 3 mystifications. Different games have different pretensions, similar to removing obstacles from the board or getting a certain number of particulars. When players complete tasks, they earn stars that can be used to buy cabinetwork and decorations for their manse.

There are also numerous other effects you can do with Homescapes. Players can talk to other characters, complete searches, and find out what is passing in the manse. A social network is included with the game, where people can sputter and see how others are doing.

The game Homescapes is played by millions of people around the world. There are numerous reasons why people enjoy playing this game, including how addicting it is, how gladdening the story is, and how stunning the filmland are.

Features of Homescapes APK

  • There are a lot of delicate situations in this Match- 3 mystification game
  • Your manse can be designed in several ways to make it unique
  • There are likeable characters in this sweet story
  • mystifications to break and hidden effects to discover
  • Connecting people with one another

You will love Homescapes APK if you like match- 3 mystifications, erecting homes, or casual games in general. Although it's easy to learn, it has a lot of depth and challenges for educated players.


Homescapes APK rearmost interpretation unlocks the pro interpretation of apps on Android for free. Using it can help you save Plutocrat and gain access to features that are generally locked behind a paywall. In malignancy of this, modded apps come with warnings, since they bypass normal app stores and protection measures. Indeed, though, the prices may feel charming. The ultimate decision to use is yours.

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