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Glory Fit APK v3.4.2 Download for android 2024

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Smart Wear
v3.4.2 For Android
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Mar 01, 2024
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The app that goes with the Q18 shrewd observe is called GloryFit. The Q18 sharp watch and this app can share data approximately how you carry on, like your heart rate, how you rest, how numerous steps you take, and more.

There are other extraordinary things approximately GloryFit as well, like overhauls for the app, fast answers to SMS messages, call overhauls, SMS overhauls, and more.

Get accessibility administrations to assist with work that tells you of messages in apps and lets you send messages to the Q18 savvy observe from other apps.

Features of Glory Fit APK

Keeps track of your workout measurements:

Brilliance Fit can keep track of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, steps, how frequently you rest, and indeed how much you move.

Permits for shrewd visualizing of information:

The app has easy-to-read charts and charts that appear you data around your workouts. This makes a difference you see how distant you've come and set modern goals.

Bargains with smartwatch alerts:

With Brilliance Fit, you'll see upgrades from your phone on your smartwatch. This way, you'll continuously be mindful of approaching calls, texts, and other alerts.

You'll be able extra highlights:

The app has tools like app overhauls, SMS upgrades, and call upgrades to assist you remain on track together with your and remain organized.


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