Forsaken AR APK

Forsaken AR APK v2.0.0 Download for android 2024

App By:
Illumix Inc
v2.0.0 For Android
Updated On:
Nov 16, 2023
240 MB
Required Android:
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Forsaken AR APK - Developed by suckers of Five Nights at Freddy's, Abandoned AR APK features stoked reality. Five Nights at Freddy's AR Special Delivery was discontinued in 2021, and this game follows in its steps. Addict groups were responsible for creating Abandoned AR, which adds new content to the game.

The Five Nights at Freddy's AR experience has formerly entered a lot of new content, indeed though the game is still in development. New skins, new characters, and new particular icons are available only in this game as well as bug fixes. A new piece of content will be added every month according to the people who made the game.

You'll need an Android or iOS device that supports Abandoned AR to play it. Free downloads of the game are available on Game Jolt. It's that simple! Creating an account and logging in are each you need to play the game. First, you must log in to begin playing.

As a scary game, Abandoned AR shouldn't be played by people who are fluently spooked or by small children. You can play the game with animated Five Nights at Freddy's characters, and they can be enough scary. Players of all chops situations can enjoy the game due to its availability choices.

It's a fun follow- up to Five Nights at Freddy's AR Special Delivery that is well- made and fun to play. suckers of the series who are looking for commodity gruellings in stoked reality should try this game out.

Features of Abandoned AR APK

  • Skins for animatronics that are formerly available
  • Special CPUs for all-new animatronics
  • Profile filmland can now be collected in a brand-new, unique way.
  • We have made numerous advancements, tweaked the game's features, fixed bugs, and more
  • Live support, yearly updates, and more!
  • Abandoned AR is a new and tough stoked reality game that is extremely analogous to Five Nights at Freddy's AR Special Delivery.


Using Abandoned AR APK rearmost interpretation, you can unleash the pro interpretation of Android apps for free. Plutocrat can be saved and features that are generally locked behind a paywall can be penetrated via it. As a result, modded apps come with warnings, since they bypass normal app stores and protection measures. Nonetheless, the prices may feel fascinating. Use is eventually over to you.

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