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Burnout 3 APK - Takedown is a racing videotape game released in 2004. The game was developed by Criterion Games and vended by electronic trades. A fast- paced racing game, Collapse 3 is part of the Burnout series. A main part of the show is the boost, which is won by driving dangerously. Collapse 3's main point is takedowns, which have been added to the game. Players can hit each other until they crash. As a result of takedowns, the boost cadence fills over longer, making the boost last longer.


Bayview City is a fictional megacity in Collapse 3. Taking part in illegal races, the player is a road racer. Come Bayview City's stylish racer by winning the World Tour.

The player faces different opponents along the way, similar to the violent and careless Burnout Sisters. As the bobbies try to shut down illegal races, the player will also face them.

Collapse 3 APK Features

  • Players unleash new buses and tracks in the career mode by contending in races.
  • The trace rage mode allows players to kill as numerous opponents as they can in a limited quantum of time.
  • Players contend in a standard race game to be the first one to cross the finish line.
  • One by one, players are excluded from the game until there's only one winner left.
  • In this mode, players are chased by police buses and must escape.

The Collapse 3 game was well entered by critics and vended over 10 million clones worldwide. The game remains one of the most influential in moment's racing games because it's considered to be one of the stylish ever created.


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