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bKash Limited
v1.0.13 for Android
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Jan 24, 2024
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There are lots of cool features and nice aesthetics on the BKash eKYC App that make life easy. You can open a bKash account, link your bank account to it, and start using it right down. You can give capitalist to other people, pay your cell phone bill and other bills from home, pay at your favorite places with QR canons, and do a lot further with one app that's 100 safe. The BKash eKYC app lets you find the hottest original bKash deals, get ideas for new services to try, and set up lanes for the exercises you do most frequently.

What is BKash eKYC APK?

Phone plutocrat service BKash has made it easy for people to open digital bank accounts with eKYC( Electronic Know Your customer).

The eKYC app lets people open a bKash account, and the account is live right down. With this paperless system, all that is demanded to subscribe up a new client is to forget their NID and take a picture of them.

Face recognition software is used to compare NID data to lines kept by the National Election Commission. This connects everything together more and lowers the quantum of work that needs to be done. eKYC saves time for both medicine druggies and bKash in the long run because it's quick, safe, and does not bear any work.

further than 26,000 workers and 300 leaders of bKash Care, bKash Center, and Distribution Acquisition use eKYC to open new accounts.

Along with OCR, the NID information attendants a machine that scans and fills out the eKYC form. The phone also takes a picture, and the Election Commission's database is used to compare all of the data. After the system has duly checked out new guests and people who use the eKYC app, they will be given evidence books.

eKYC will make it easy for guests to subscribe up for an account and make sure that the right customer information is gathered during the KYC process. Alibaba and some other MFS companies have used eKYC to ameliorate their services in different countries. India, which is close by, could also use eKYC to make its government service more useful.

This makes it safer to give people services likemicro-loans, insurance, and more when eKYC is used. You can also track customer information in real time in case there are problems with the service or with people who are not under your watch.

Right now, Agents, bKash Care, bKash Center, and Distributors are subscribing up new people.

This is a game that people play. Guests can get this information straight from bKash, which will let them open their own accounts.

Features of BKash eKYC APK

Making it easy and quick to subscribe up

You don't have any bKash? Do not stress out! Before you subscribe up for the BKash eKYC App, you can check out its deals, services, andbenefits.However, you can use your National ID right from the BKash eKYC app, If you want to make a new bKash account.

Put further plutocrat into your bank account and credit card.

You need capitalist in your account now that you have one, right? You can snappily move capitalist from a bank account or credit card to any bKash account with the" Add capitalist" tool.

Quick QR trades

still, you can pay in shops, cash out at agents, If you look at QR canons.

Finish the deal

You can see all the swish bKash deals in your area by going to the Offers section on your home screen.

In the" My bKash" area, use lanes for the effects you do most frequently.

Starting With You

Find out about other people, banks, shops, and billers that you can use with bKash.


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