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60 Parsecs APK v1.3.1 Download for Android 2024

App By:
Robot Gentleman
v1.3.1 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 31, 2023
240 MB
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Robot Gentleman made 60 Parsecs!, a fun and study- provoking sci- fi survival game. There are experts in the game who need to get out of their doomed space station before nuclear disasters destroy it. The game takes place in the Atomic SpaceAge.However, you'll have to act snappily and put your survival chops first, If you want to make it to a away earth and start a new life there. You only have 60 seconds to get inventories and people to help you.

What is 60 Parsecs APK?

From tittles to space, we had a great time! After the end of the world, it came the Space Age.

There are only sixty seconds left before effects go poorly. The lemon is about to go off in your space station. What or who are you going to catch before you rush like crazy to the safety machine and begin your trip into THE GREAT UNKNOWN?

This is 60 Parsecs!, a darkly funny wisdom fabrication story set in the age of tittles. It has all the dread of the Cold War, accentuation walls made of chrome, and cockroaches wearing space helmets.

You're in charge of a group of astronauts who have not rehearsed at all. Give them any junk( sorry," force") you can find before transferring them on a trip around the world that they will not believe. Style it up while you deal with the bad effects that be in space, like not having enough haze. Can you stay living and find a new place to live?

Features of 60 Parsecs APK

The game play is quick and intriguing.

You only have 60 seconds to act, so you'll have to make quick opinions that could put your crew in peril.

Atomic Space Age setting that draws you in

With its retro- futuristic designs, chromed walls, and yes, cockroaches wearing space helmets, this place makes you feel like you are back in the 1950s.

Stupid comedy and characters that will make you flash back

Take pleasure in the dark humor of the game as you meet and talk to a bunch of weird people.

Putting together mystifications and taking care of plutocrat

Use the numerous details you have to break through doors and get around obstacles on your trip.

further than one ending and the option to play again

The game can be played over and over because each time has its own difficulties and ends in different ways.


You still need to play 60 Parsecs! You will flash back it for a long time after you are done playing because it's hard, funny, If you like scary jokes and survival games.

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