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v1.7.401 for Android
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Jan 03, 2024
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The Android app KeeTa Rider was made by KANGAROO LIMITED to help delivery drivers make extra money in their spare time. It's quick and easy to sign up for the app; it only takes a few steps.

Once messengers have signed up, they can use the app to quickly find delivery orders that meet their needs. There is important information about the order that they can see, such as where the delivery and attack will happen. KeeTa Rider also gives drivers tools to help them find the fastest way to get to their destination. This cuts down on delivery time and costs.

Yes, everyone has different likes in food. Is it hard to meet the minimum delivery requirement if you only order takeout? KeeTa has made a dining room just for one person and carefully picked out high-quality, low-cost package choices for you because of this. The price drops to as little as HK$ 30 when you add shipping. There are just a few that are enough whether you are sad or working from home. To enjoy hot reflections, just follow these easy steps. This way, when you're by yourself, you can eat whatever you want!

A new service called "on-time guarantee" has been added by KeeTa to make sure that the food is always fresh.You will get a 0% cash pasteboard, though, if the takeout is late by mistake. From now on, please make the shipping process a lot better!

KeeTa wishes to make it easy for its customers to order tasty food and have it brought to them whenever they desire. Sign up for our app to start your food adventure!

Features of KeeTa APK

  • Safe word for director Drug users can store their watchwords in a safe and secure database with KeeTa APK. Face authentication, two-factor authentication, and win authentication are some of the safety features that the app uses to keep drug users' passwords safe.
  • A safe place to store lines KeeTa APK also lets drug users store their secret lines in a secure vault. With the same safety measures as the word director, the app keeps drug dealers' lines safe.
  • Safe communication It also has a feature called "secure messaging" that lets drug users talk to each other without worrying that someone might read their notes. Only the sender and receiver can read the message because it has been turned into another language.
  • Safe browsing There is also a tool in KeeTa APK called "secure browsing" that keeps drug users safe while they surf the web. Drug addicts can hide their browsing data and stop ads and trackers from following them with this app.

Additional features

KeeTa APK has more benefits than just the ones we've already talked about. Some of these are:

  • KeeTa APK can help drug addicts come up with safe watchwords because it makes words.
  • Another app called KeeTa APK can look at drug addicts' watchwords and tell them what they could make better. It can also suggest changes.
  • A history of word groups Drug users can keep track of their watchwords in KeeTa APK so that they can quickly find them if they forget them.
  • A way to keep notes safe KeeTa APK also lets drug users keep secret information like credit card or SSN.

How to put the KeeTa APK 

People need to make an account before they can use KeeTa APK. Once they have an account, they can start adding themes, lines, and other data to the app.

People who use drugs only need to type in the word they want to add, their username, and the name of the point or app. It will also save the word in the database and hide it.

To add a train, drug addicts just need to pick one from their phone or tablet and press the "Add" button. KeeTa APK will also change the train's state and save it in the locker.

Drug users only need to get in touch with someone and start a conversation to use the safe texting service. It will be repeated on its way from the sender to the receiver, so only those who send and receive the message can read it.

To start safe watching, people who take medicines only need to open the app and tap the "Secure Browsing" button. After that, the app will encrypt and hide their web history for medicine addicts, blocking tracking and ads.


The KeeTa APK app is strong and flexible, and it can help people hide their digital identity and be alone. The app has many useful features, such as a safe way to handle and keep track of passwords, send messages, and browse the web.

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