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Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK 2023

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1.0.0 for Android
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May 18, 2023
30.6 MB
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Description Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK

She was in a strange location when Alice In The Land Of Dreams Apk. In her search for her sister, Alice ventures through a paranormally active home. By fooling items and breaking into rooms, you can try to locate your lost sister and get out of the nightmare realm.

You receive a story to act out, and I give you an empty room. You must progress to the next level and discover the entire narrative in this graphic novel to finish it. The 2D visuals used in the game's excellent aesthetics give it an appealing appearance and make us want to play it more.

Because the game isn't particularly challenging, you automatically comprehend the entire plot as you play, allowing you to participate fully. The game's main cast consists of just two or three individuals, and their actions are what drive the story.


You will enjoy playing Alice In The Land Of Dreams Apk very much due to its simple interface and ease of understanding for new users. The gameplay and 2D graphics are also really attractive. The game's controls are also relatively simple to learn because all the user needs to do to interact with the screen is use their finger. The player only needs to touch the screen to continue the game.

You'll be granted a room in this game that has a kitchen, a bathroom, and other amenities. There, you can cook, sleep, and rest. A park is nearby where you can go for walks and do other activities. You should have a better understanding of your alternatives after playing the game once more.


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