Top Games on MPL App in 2021

Smartphone usage is at its peak right now, more and more people are indulging in online gaming platforms. With a wide array of options, mobile gaming has become the most popular option, mainly due to COVID-19 restrictions on physical activity. To know about these games better, you should read this article by Forbes – it will tell you that they can be fun but also beneficial for your mental health since they help reduce anxiety and boost cognitive skills with their engaging gameplay!

In this blog, we are going to talk about the best mobile games that you can play on MPL. With more than 6 million active users and with an Indian gaming market expected to grow up around $3.4 billion by 2023, it is a sure-win for gamers like us!

In India alone, there were almost 7 hours of time spent per week in 2018 playing video games (6.92). This younger audience between ages 26 – 45 years old have contributed heavily towards its growth; these numbers will only continue increasing as technology progresses over the next few decades. An even greater opportunity lies ahead of those who love fantasy cricket: from our very own research conducted at MPL Fantasy Cricket App’s office headquarters last year shows how Indians spend nearly.



Fantasy cricket:

Fantasy Cricket is an interesting game that provides you a platform to create your own virtual team and challenge other teams in the Fantasy Cricket League. While it is impossible to own a cricket team in real life, the virtual world provides you an opportunity to build a dream cricket team and play against players from all parts of the globe. In this virtual world, you can pick your favourite teams, players and play against other fantasy cricket players from all parts of the world.

In a typical fantasy league, a member needs to create his or her own team based on their selection criteria. These leagues are created in such a way that members select the best combination of batsmen, bowlers as well as wicketkeepers who will make it into their final XI. The owner then gets points for every run scored by the player he has selected.

Similarly, they get negative points for any runs made by an opposing bowler if they do not have any bowling in their team. Members also need to pay attention to captains’ abilities, which make an additional impact during the game with 32 chances when he comes out to bat.



The way that MPL has been working to change the game is by bringing a mind stimulating opportunity for players. Whether you are at home and want to have fun or just looking for new ways of making money, this is an amazing chance!

You might be thinking about playing chess with friends, but now it’s time to put your skills up against other people online on MPL. The website offers games where you can win cash prizes from anywhere in the world, as well as games which don’t require any stake (no risk). Check out their site today if this sounds like something you would enjoy doing!



Rummy is a card game that has been played around the world for centuries. It requires skill, patience, and strategy in order to win big! If you have grown up with Indian parents or grandparents, chances are they taught you how to play this fun and addictive table-top game when your friends were over at grandma’s house. Nowadays, there exists an online version of rummy which can be found on platforms such as MPL where players from all walks of life compete against each other – either solo or playing alongside their family members/friends who may live far away due to geographic location constraints like time zones etc., while chatting through VOIP channels (Voice Over Internet Protocol) in real-time mode without having any need for physical contact whatsoever making it



Pool is a great way to spend your free time, especially when you’re bored. 8-ball pool online on MPL gives the player tons of options, including singles or multiplayer games with 15 object worlds and cue sticks! This fast-paced game keeps you engaged for hours as it’s packed full of challenging challenges that will keep competitive spirits high.

Pool can be one helluva fun activity if done right—especially while playing an eight-ball match against yourself in single mode using 15 different objects from around the world (with cues!). The challenge factor in this quick paced game



MPL Ludo is a very popular and addictive board game that has been made into a virtual format. You can play with friends or family members who live far away, or you can challenge other players online. The rules are simple: roll the dice on your turn to move your tokens across the board toward victory!

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to spend time killing some leisure hours this weekend, MPL Ludo might just be what you need.


World Cricket Championship:

Popular as one of the highest-rated online cricket games, WCC2 takes your mobile cricket gaming experience to new exciting levels. Made for passionate and dedicated cricketers alike, MPL Games has developed a game that not only offers 3D graphics but also real time scenarios. In addition to this you can play with an assortment of different shots in order to take out opponents! If you want some high-quality entertainment on your phone then look no further than WCC 2 from MPL Games.


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